Google & the NOAA: AI to protect whales

Google has developped a deep neural network that makes it able to recreate the humpback whales course and identify the areas where the mamal is likely to be.


170.000 hours of underwater recordings, in 12 sites of the Pacific Ocean, since 2005, have been converted into visual representations (spectrograms) to train the algorithm. It can now identify the different animal’s species thanks to their songs.

By this way, Google and the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) hope to reach a better understanding of the humpback whales; and to be able to alert the boats that sail in the same areas to avoid potential collisions.

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Ahold-Delhaize is experimenting ‘tap-and-go’ to develop a customer journey w/o cash register

Ahold-Delhaize teste le paiement sans caisseSince December in its Albert Heijn pilot store, the Dutch food retailer Ahold-Delhaize is experimenting a new way to manage payments without cash register:

  1. Customers have to register their bank details through a dedicated app;
  2. they use the an electronic shelf card they have been provided with to scan the product they want to buy and take this last;
  3. they have then 10 minutes to cancel their purchase before the transaction is effective.

The technology is planned to be deployed through the 76 shops by June. Smartphones should soon replace the connected card.

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Qonto, €10m to develop its bank account services to SME, startups & independants in Europe

Created in 2016, Qonto provides an online bank account dedicated to the SMEs, startups & independants from €9 /week.

Among the services that the startup offers:

  • whole online account creation process, including the signing, based on the tool’s capability to find information on the subscriber organisation
  • automatic IBAN generattion
  • team members management, with “admins” or “members” rights
  • easy bank transfers & card creations
  • real time management
  • easy expenses registration service

With its new €10m fundraising, Qonto aims to conquer the whole Europe and to face the N26 (for individuals) & Monaize competition.

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Purchasing Sépage, Travelsoft wants to provide personalised customer journey tools

travelsoft - sepage.png

Created in 2013, Sépage provides the e-tourism platforms with a specific targeting solution. On its side, Travelsoft has developed for 10 years a platform dedicated to the leisure travels automatic distribution.

Purchasing Sépage, Travelsoft aims to offer “digital marketing optimisation tools based on AI” in order for the sector’s companies to provide a personalised customer journey.

Closing this deal, Sépage will be able to develop its international activity while Travelsoft plans to double its revenue from 2021.

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NU! project, a disruptive UX for food market on a grab-and-go mode

Want a disruptive UX? The NU! project aims to provide it with its innovative food market. This “green & technophile” area should offer an atypical shopping experience on a “grab-and-go” mode.

The idea: You choose what you want to buy and leave. Thanks to the wristband you wear, the captor placed and the products weight analysis, no need to spend time to pay, the checkout is automatic. You can then follow your expenses from the dedicated mobile app.

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Axa bank killing Soon to gather its customers into the same bank account offer

soon-axa-banque-switchSoon was an “innovative” mobile bank service provided by Axa since 2014. It included all the standard bank account management & a Visa debit card.

When the historical companies are transforming to propose convergent & simplified offers to its customer, the French market also has to consider the new arrival Orange bank. To face it, Axa chose to stop the Soon commercialisation (planned for September) and migrate all corresponding customers (30.000) to its Axa bank account offer.

This kind of rebranding will include new services manageable from the app directly (e.g. card lock/unlocking, amount limitation) & a multi-channel support.

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From the Singular & Apsalar merge was born a new unified platform for end-to-end marketing analytics

Merging, Singular (mobile marketing analytics firm) & Apsalar (mobile app attribution and audience management firm) are now providing businesses with an end-to-end marketing analytics platform.
The goal: to capture data from any source (ad networks, marketing clouds, data warehouses, social channels & marketing analytics systems) & report on its ROI, i.e. providing a multi-touch attribution and cross-device analysis.
Among its customers can already be noticed companies as Lyft, Yelp, Walmart, Zynga, N3twork, Match Group, and LinkedIn.

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