SlickPOS, an easy SaaS for SMB to manage their sales

SlickPOS is a cloud-based SaaS dedicated to small & medium businesses (SMBs) for them to manage their sales and develop their customer knowledge.

First of all, the Coimbatorean (India) company provides the SMBs with its “zero-setup time” solution that can be run on any device that supports Chrome (offline capabilities once the user is logged).

The user just has to:

  1. choose between 4 sales domains: food & drink, home & lifestyle, fashion boutique or small retail
  2. fulfil the product tab: product ref/name, price, etc.
  3. register the sales and the customers into the “Sell” tab: payment type, customer’s number, name & email
  4. monitor its sales in real-time

While it is working on the integration of its solutions with complementary sales tools (cash register hardware, barcode printer & reader, etc.), the start-up also focuses on developing new functionalities using data capture & analysis in order to improve the sales efficiency.

Free core services offer (paid for a full one). Already >400 sign-ups from across 25 countries.

Read more on Factor Daily


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