The RCS to replace the SMS? Not sure.

With 200,000+ sending every second, the SMS is the most popular means of communication in the world and follows almost the same standard as it was defined at the end of the 80s.

Like the Apple’s iMessages one, Google is now working on its own “Rich Communication Service” (RCS). This protocol should provide the users with the capability to send multimedia content directly into a message, to get acknowledgement of receipt or to see if the recipient is writing an answer.

On a marketing point of view, this new service should provide real-time information such as the opening rate.

While Microsoft and Google are already working on the compatibility of their tools and SFR and Orange, in France, have already announced the activation of the protocol as soon as it will be launched, I’m not sure about its real capability to definitively replace the SMS. What will happened when you have no more data or when you are in one of the many places where there is no Wifi?

Read more in Begeek [French]

photo: Pixabay


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