N26 & Clark, a new partnership to launch a full digitalised insurance solution

https://n26.com/content/uploads/2017/06/n26-insurance-iphone-android-white.jpgNo more need to present N26, the German startup that launched an easy way to open a bank account & manage it almost 2 years ago. After its partnership last September with Vaamo & the investment solution provided by the company, the neo-bank is now partnering with Clark in order to offer this time insurance services.

As Vaamo, Clark has developped an API that will give access to the N26 customers to a robo-advisor’s recommandations directly from the bank-app. The goal: “to improve their insurance situation” assessing all tariffs and scanning the product portfolio of 160+ German insurance providers.

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Ayondo, or Bitcoin as the new currency for social trading



Ayondo, the German FinTech group created in 2008, just launched the Bitcoin trading as the new product of its trading portfolio.

The idea ? To use the cryptocurrency rapid growth to provide its customers with “an easy access to the price movement of Bitcoin without the need to open up an e-wallet to purchase bitcoin in the Internet”.


Whether it is Bitcoin or more traditional currencies, the Ayondo functioning is based on social trading:

  1. the customer finds the “Top traders” he wants to follow depending on their performance, the nb of followers, their risk score, etc.
  2. he builds his portfolio simulating his investment performance regarding the traders selected
  3. he defines his strategy (e.g. automatic trading execution depending on the top traders followed) & starts to invest (£1K min paid by card to follow 5 top traders – or risk-free account)
  4. he monitors the performances, of his own investment as the one of the “Top traders” he follows through the dedicated trading platform (computer or  smartphone TradeHub platform)

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Element AI, an AIaaS platform for all companies to access to AI technologies

Created in 2016 in Montreal, Element AI aims to provide all companies with an AIaaS platform (AI as a service). While only big companies as Google are able for now to build their own AI solutions from scratch, the start-up wants “to lower the barrier for entry for commercial applications in AI“. The idea has already convinced as the Canadian company has just raised $102b to develop its incubator.

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Finamatic, €800K to become the Fintech reference for project promoters

Created in 2015, Finamatic is as an on line platform dedicated to funds research support. Its goal: to make the finance ecosystem understandable (technical terminologies & strategies to adopt) in order for the PME/TPEs to identify the subventions they could apply for.

The platform provides its services through a large panel of specialized documentation (paid) and expert recommendations (12h/year – additional paid service), and has already convinced 500+ enterprises (including the famous Leetchi and Tiller).

With these €800K newly raised from personalities like Thierry Petit or Igor Schlumberger, Finamatic wants to gain notoriety and position itself as the Fintech reference for project promoters.

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$75M : levée de fonds record de la FinTech indienne InCred

Mumbai financial capital of India skyline

Créée en janvier 2016, la startup indienne InCred, qui cible les mauvais payeurs, vient de lever $75M : le record de l’année parmi les FinTech locales.

“Selon TechInAsia, le nombre de prêts impayés a augmenté de 60% entre 2013 et 2015″, i.e. $7,8 Mds en mars 2015, augmentant ainsi le nombre de personnes n’ayant plus accès aux offres de prêts traditionnelles. Sur la base d’une analyse de leur projet et de la cohérence de leur cursus, InCred espère alors pouvoir proposer une aide financière accompagné d’un suivi individualisé (ex. résultats aux partiels pour un étudiant) à cette clientèle potentielle.

Aucune date de lancement n’a encore été communiquée mais la startup a déjà su séduire la Reserve Bank of India qui lui a accordé le statut de société de financement non-bancaire.

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