Yoyo Wallet, the UK mobile payment solution, raised £12m to expand its activity

Launched in 2013 in the UK (London), Yoyo Wallet is an easy-to-use app dedicated, for retailers, to identify their customers and follow their consumption and, for shoppers, to access to a secure mobile payment solution (including offline payments thanks to a QR code) & its loyalty program.

Easy registration for the shoppers using their email address (or Facebook account) then liking their  payment card. Yoyo do not charge any transaction fee.

With 440K+users & 1,700 POS already registered, the last Yoyo £12m raise will sustain the company’s expansion (partnerships with UK retailers, platform improvement & Europe conquest).

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WorldRemit partners Google to conquer Africa with its mobile money transfer solution

Ismail Ahmed, fondateur et CEO de WorldRemit.No need to present WorldRemit, the English instant & worldwide money transfer service and Western Union & MoneyGram main competitor. Its specificities: to provide its service online (through a computer, a tablet or a smartphone) for a low cost.

Partnering with Alphabet Inc. (Google), the startup wants its users to be able to send money through Android Pay (112m of accounts) and will become the 1st provider of this kind of service on mobile phone. In other terms, WorldRemit plans to conquer the African market in which $600b are exchanged every year.

Benefits for the user: lower fees amount (between 5% & 6% while the competitor ones are between 7% & 10%) + money withdrawal capabilities or Mobile Money account provisioning

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Zelle, a new instant and secure P2P money transfer provider


Newly launched (June 12), Zelle provides a P2P real-time & instant money sending service between US bank accounts. The idea: to become a serious alternative to checks and cash. Potential audience: >86m U.S. mobile banking consumers.

The functioning is extremely simple: the sender just has to open his usual mobile banking app, to populate the beneficiary’s email address or mobile nb. and the amount he wants to send. The beneficiary will then automatically receive the money transfer notification.

Zelle is working with payment processors as Payfone, specialized in instant mobile authentication, to secure the transactions operated via its service. The latter is able to analyse almost instantly a transaction risk thanks to its analytics engine that is used to process millions of signals a day.

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SoundPays & ToneTag : 2 startups qui utilisent les ondes sonores comme moyen de paiement


Objectif : développer un moyen de paiement dématérialisé qui fonctionne même sans connexion Internet. Autrement dit, un moyen de paiement qui permette de payer “n’importe où, n’importe quand” et sans être nécessairement à la pointe de la technologie.

La solution trouvée par SoundPays (CA) ou ToneTag (IN) ? La transmission par ultrasons. L’utilisateur télécharge l’appli sur son téléphone qui se transforme alors en mobile wallet. Au moment de régler son achat, le téléphone de l’acheteur transmet une onde sonore cryptée au dispositif du point de vente associé (sont principalement ciblés les petits commerçants) qui envoie en retour un ultrason re-crypté avec 3 couches de sécu.

SoundPays veut même aller plus loin en permettant à l’utilisateur d’acheter en un clic les articles qu’il aurait vus sur un quelconque dispositif digital et qui seraient automatiquement répertoriés sur un portefeuille virtuel.

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