Purchasing Sépage, Travelsoft wants to provide personalised customer journey tools

travelsoft - sepage.png

Created in 2013, Sépage provides the e-tourism platforms with a specific targeting solution. On its side, Travelsoft has developed for 10 years a platform dedicated to the leisure travels automatic distribution.

Purchasing Sépage, Travelsoft aims to offer “digital marketing optimisation tools based on AI” in order for the sector’s companies to provide a personalised customer journey.

Closing this deal, Sépage will be able to develop its international activity while Travelsoft plans to double its revenue from 2021.

Detected via Tourmag



2,000 beacons to guide travellers through the Gatwick Airport

As part of its £2.5bn transformation program, the Gatwich Airport – that would be the 1st airport to do – has installed 2,000 low-energy beacons in its terminal.

Main goal: to provide the travellers with an augmented reality wayfinding system (direction to follow displayed on the smartphone camera view).

While the airport announced no data collection from the system, this technology deployment could finally:

  • give the travellers a more personalized support (e.g. reminders sent as the flight hour approaches);
  • and offer the retailers the opportunity to target individuals with promotional offers.

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