Purchasing Sépage, Travelsoft wants to provide personalised customer journey tools

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Created in 2013, Sépage provides the e-tourism platforms with a specific targeting solution. On its side, Travelsoft has developed for 10 years a platform dedicated to the leisure travels automatic distribution.

Purchasing Sépage, Travelsoft aims to offer “digital marketing optimisation tools based on AI” in order for the sector’s companies to provide a personalised customer journey.

Closing this deal, Sépage will be able to develop its international activity while Travelsoft plans to double its revenue from 2021.

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From the Singular & Apsalar merge was born a new unified platform for end-to-end marketing analytics

Merging, Singular (mobile marketing analytics firm) & Apsalar (mobile app attribution and audience management firm) are now providing businesses with an end-to-end marketing analytics platform.
The goal: to capture data from any source (ad networks, marketing clouds, data warehouses, social channels & marketing analytics systems) & report on its ROI, i.e. providing a multi-touch attribution and cross-device analysis.
Among its customers can already be noticed companies as Lyft, Yelp, Walmart, Zynga, N3twork, Match Group, and LinkedIn.

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N26 & Clark, a new partnership to launch a full digitalised insurance solution

https://n26.com/content/uploads/2017/06/n26-insurance-iphone-android-white.jpgNo more need to present N26, the German startup that launched an easy way to open a bank account & manage it almost 2 years ago. After its partnership last September with Vaamo & the investment solution provided by the company, the neo-bank is now partnering with Clark in order to offer this time insurance services.

As Vaamo, Clark has developped an API that will give access to the N26 customers to a robo-advisor’s recommandations directly from the bank-app. The goal: “to improve their insurance situation” assessing all tariffs and scanning the product portfolio of 160+ German insurance providers.

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UGO, from Display Interactive, provides airlines with an in-flight wireless multimedia content solution

display interactive.PNGDisplay Interactive, and its flagship UGO, is almost a new-comer in the aeronautic ecosystem as the company started targeting this sector exclusively since 2012.

Specialised in onboard entertainment, the company last innovation aims to provide airlines with a server & a wifi network in cabin. The goal: to offer an improved in-flight CX thanks to this new way to access multimedia content & additional services like taxi booking.

Advantages for airlines: no more wired network needed, even no more back-seat screens as the customers can bring their own devices, less maintenance costs, etc.

Display Interactive provides its UGO services as a pay-as-you-go offer. Thomas Cook & Corsair have already been seduced by the solution.

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Fetchr wants to impose itself as the last mile leader using the customers’ smartphone GPS

fetchr.pngCreated in 2012 & headquartered in Dubai, Fetchr is a shipment & delivery Co. that works on revolutionising the sector targetting (for now) customers without any fix address (~billions). The start-up will so use the data shared by its customers’ smartphone GPS to locate them and provide its services, even to businesses (integration capabilities to the e-commerce or social media store websites).

On the customers for P2P services side, 4 steps to follow:

  1. app downloading & customer account creation
  2. pickup location (GPS data sharing) & time-slot population
    (w/ the possibility to add comments on the sender)
  3. delivery location (GPS data sharing) & time-slot population
    (w/ the possibility to add comments on the receiver)
  4. order verification, confirmation & track
    a flat rate pricing is applied depending on the package weight & the payment is done through the app (Visa/Mastercard debit/credit cards).

Thanks to the $41b raised in May, Fetchr, that is already located in 6 Middle-East countries, plans to expand its business (from 1.5K to 5K employees) by the end of 2017.

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Dolmen One, the Dolmen Technologies’ app for Sales reps to launch targeted marketing campaigns in few seconds

Dolmen One, l'app qui permet aux commerçants de piloter leurs promos depuis leur smartphone

Created in 2011, Dolmen Technologies has one mission: to collect and value customer data in order for local POS to manage instant and targeted marketing campaigns.

In exchange for the reception of specific offers as soon as they are detected in POS, customers are invited to fulfil some personal information (identity, tastes, etc.) via their smartphones or interactive kiosks. Thanks to the Dolmen One app, sales reps will then be able to address them, launching promotional communications (SMS, enhanced SMS or email), directly from the ground.

The app finally provides more reactivity to the cloud-based Dolmen solution that has already seduced 1,000+ POS.

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Zelle, a new instant and secure P2P money transfer provider


Newly launched (June 12), Zelle provides a P2P real-time & instant money sending service between US bank accounts. The idea: to become a serious alternative to checks and cash. Potential audience: >86m U.S. mobile banking consumers.

The functioning is extremely simple: the sender just has to open his usual mobile banking app, to populate the beneficiary’s email address or mobile nb. and the amount he wants to send. The beneficiary will then automatically receive the money transfer notification.

Zelle is working with payment processors as Payfone, specialized in instant mobile authentication, to secure the transactions operated via its service. The latter is able to analyse almost instantly a transaction risk thanks to its analytics engine that is used to process millions of signals a day.

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