Yoyo Wallet, the UK mobile payment solution, raised £12m to expand its activity

Launched in 2013 in the UK (London), Yoyo Wallet is an easy-to-use app dedicated, for retailers, to identify their customers and follow their consumption and, for shoppers, to access to a secure mobile payment solution (including offline payments thanks to a QR code) & its loyalty program.

Easy registration for the shoppers using their email address (or Facebook account) then liking their  payment card. Yoyo do not charge any transaction fee.

With 440K+users & 1,700 POS already registered, the last Yoyo £12m raise will sustain the company’s expansion (partnerships with UK retailers, platform improvement & Europe conquest).

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UGO, from Display Interactive, provides airlines with an in-flight wireless multimedia content solution

display interactive.PNGDisplay Interactive, and its flagship UGO, is almost a new-comer in the aeronautic ecosystem as the company started targeting this sector exclusively since 2012.

Specialised in onboard entertainment, the company last innovation aims to provide airlines with a server & a wifi network in cabin. The goal: to offer an improved in-flight CX thanks to this new way to access multimedia content & additional services like taxi booking.

Advantages for airlines: no more wired network needed, even no more back-seat screens as the customers can bring their own devices, less maintenance costs, etc.

Display Interactive provides its UGO services as a pay-as-you-go offer. Thomas Cook & Corsair have already been seduced by the solution.

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Ayondo, or Bitcoin as the new currency for social trading



Ayondo, the German FinTech group created in 2008, just launched the Bitcoin trading as the new product of its trading portfolio.

The idea ? To use the cryptocurrency rapid growth to provide its customers with “an easy access to the price movement of Bitcoin without the need to open up an e-wallet to purchase bitcoin in the Internet”.


Whether it is Bitcoin or more traditional currencies, the Ayondo functioning is based on social trading:

  1. the customer finds the “Top traders” he wants to follow depending on their performance, the nb of followers, their risk score, etc.
  2. he builds his portfolio simulating his investment performance regarding the traders selected
  3. he defines his strategy (e.g. automatic trading execution depending on the top traders followed) & starts to invest (£1K min paid by card to follow 5 top traders – or risk-free account)
  4. he monitors the performances, of his own investment as the one of the “Top traders” he follows through the dedicated trading platform (computer or  smartphone TradeHub platform)

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Fetchr wants to impose itself as the last mile leader using the customers’ smartphone GPS

fetchr.pngCreated in 2012 & headquartered in Dubai, Fetchr is a shipment & delivery Co. that works on revolutionising the sector targetting (for now) customers without any fix address (~billions). The start-up will so use the data shared by its customers’ smartphone GPS to locate them and provide its services, even to businesses (integration capabilities to the e-commerce or social media store websites).

On the customers for P2P services side, 4 steps to follow:

  1. app downloading & customer account creation
  2. pickup location (GPS data sharing) & time-slot population
    (w/ the possibility to add comments on the sender)
  3. delivery location (GPS data sharing) & time-slot population
    (w/ the possibility to add comments on the receiver)
  4. order verification, confirmation & track
    a flat rate pricing is applied depending on the package weight & the payment is done through the app (Visa/Mastercard debit/credit cards).

Thanks to the $41b raised in May, Fetchr, that is already located in 6 Middle-East countries, plans to expand its business (from 1.5K to 5K employees) by the end of 2017.

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Neos smart home assistance: when prevention is the keyword

What seems new with Neos? Its offer is nothing else but a whole prevention and assistance smart home system coupled with a conventional home insurance (instead of the traditional insurance services for which the IoT systems are sold as additional packages).

In other terms, Neos focuses on prevention before damages management.

With its whole integrated services, as soon as an offer is subscribed, the start-up provides its new customer with the whole equipment free installation and the ability to manage real-time and fast diagnostic in case of incident notification (water leak, intrusion, etc.):

  1. issue confirmation by chat/phone (or call to a neighbour if the customer is not at home)
  2. emergency measure application
  3. automatic repair process launching when needed

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Element AI, an AIaaS platform for all companies to access to AI technologies

Created in 2016 in Montreal, Element AI aims to provide all companies with an AIaaS platform (AI as a service). While only big companies as Google are able for now to build their own AI solutions from scratch, the start-up wants “to lower the barrier for entry for commercial applications in AI“. The idea has already convinced as the Canadian company has just raised $102b to develop its incubator.

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WorldRemit partners Google to conquer Africa with its mobile money transfer solution

Ismail Ahmed, fondateur et CEO de WorldRemit.No need to present WorldRemit, the English instant & worldwide money transfer service and Western Union & MoneyGram main competitor. Its specificities: to provide its service online (through a computer, a tablet or a smartphone) for a low cost.

Partnering with Alphabet Inc. (Google), the startup wants its users to be able to send money through Android Pay (112m of accounts) and will become the 1st provider of this kind of service on mobile phone. In other terms, WorldRemit plans to conquer the African market in which $600b are exchanged every year.

Benefits for the user: lower fees amount (between 5% & 6% while the competitor ones are between 7% & 10%) + money withdrawal capabilities or Mobile Money account provisioning

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